Why Do Models Need A Shoe Bag?

When you are modeling for the fashion industry, you will be required to bring your own shoes. That is the main reason that models do carry with them a shoe bag wherever they are required to have a shoot.

Let’s say you are a model doing a catwalk for some great brands like Neiman Marcus. Note that not everything comes for free. And most of the time, the company will require you to bring a shoe bag. Most of the models who are new in the industry are clueless of what is a shoe bag. So here is a little fashion advise from a real model. So let’s take a look at what it is.

What is a shoe bag?

A shoe bag, as it name implies, is a bag that carries all the shoes you are going to need for a particular event. Say if you are modeling for casual and formal clothes, your shoe bag will have to carry shoes for casual and formal clothes.

A shoe bag is generally semi-stiff and built from hard nylon or special canvas material. Shoe bags for models doesn’t have to be necessarily be expensive so long as it is able to serve its purpose. Check out great reviews for shoe bags from the internet like ProductReview.

My Model Bag: Shoes



Why do models need to have a shoe bag?

As mentioned some companies like Neiman Marcus requires a shoe bag to the show. Let’s find out what is the purpose behind. A shoe bag is basically a bag that carries all the types of shoes you are going to need. Models will have to bring their shoe bag in every photo shoot, commercial shoot, or even during a catwalk.

Some brands or companies will not always have shoes for you because they are very difficult to provide considering the various types of model shoe size plus it can be impossible to return, and finally shoes can be very expensive. Therefore, various companies requiring a photoshoot expect the models to bring shoes of their own.

What shoes are mostly required for models

There will be a bunch of styles that you want to have in your shoe bag. Depending on the theme of the catwalk, models shoes will vary from close shoes, sandals, stilletos, boots, and slip ons. It really depends on the requirement of the show. However, a must have for models is a good pair of high heeled sandals, close and open toe. Go for black because it definitely goes with any color.


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