Fashion Inspired By The Best Racing Cars

Guess what’s racing through the fashion arena recently? Yes, it’s the high octane looks! Complete with top RC Drift car race models and killer sports boots, the classic look of every model is transformed to some one-of-a-kind babe. They call it the off the hook ensemble inspired by Formula one.

From the car racing stands of Daytona and Grand pix, the attire has also reached the runways with beautiful models sporting the ensemble. The Spring Runway show of 2016 was infamous of the sporty race car looks with zip-up jackets, the best racing cars logo jackets, and racer boots look. The runway show had truly inspired many men and women with high fashion sense.

Shift Gears, Take Inspiration From Your Favorite Influencer

You can shift gears with your own sporty-racer look. Take some inspiration here and there especially from social media influencers who sports the infamous look. The snagging track pieces all placed together in one look. A sport jacket with the famous formula one logo, tight leather pants, and killer racer boots.

In the world of sports racing, nothing is more fashionable than the person behind the wheel, especially if he wins it with high fashion sense. 

There is always something to make us feel and look different. This winter season, it’s the perfect time to done on the sporty look and sweat a little. You don’t have to be on the racing stands to look and feel sporty. You just need to carry it the way you naturally carry your daily ensemble this 2019. 

Here is a video that features various sporty looks. Enjoy!

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