Fashion and Beauty Trends for 2019

Fruit Based Spa Treatment and Laser Hair Removal

Spa treatments are also hype that many go to spa and try some fruit based spa treatment and other stuff.  Another spa trend which is quite famous at Ethos Spa, Skin & Laser Center is the laser hair removal which is removing hair by means of exposure to pulses of laser light that destroy the hair follicle so the hair doesn’t grow back.

Nutritional Supplements

Something you might have seen floating Instagram lately about is skin hair and nail supplements. Since taking these supplements my skin feel hasn’t seemed so great. These kinds of supplements have become so common. Supplements promising to supply skin claws and locks aren’t fresh, but they appear to have been provided a reboot and are establishing their own location as a beauty product.

Shampoo Bars

With everybody looking to do their bit shampoo bars have turned into a fashion this summer to maintain all the while cleans and resilient lowering your use. Shampoo bars have existed for a while, but just recently have they become popular with firms like Lush, Favorable Soap, also Christophe Robin finely tuning the recipe and providing these modest green bars that the promotional increase they deserve.

Dresses & Tops

Fashion-wise there is plenty of tendencies using clothes being among the hottest, cropping up this summer. Tops and these shirts are from the 90s, and though they make the occasional appearance on our retailers’ garments railings, they have come back in full force for summertime.

Whether you are hitting the shore or the pub, there is a shirt versatile since it could be dressed up with a skirt and chunky jewelry or dressed up having a few mother trainers and jeans. If you are trying to receive your hands on something smocked, we’re currently enjoying H&M’s array of smocked shirts, dresses and skirts.

Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal is one of the latest beauty trends of summer time, with folks integrating it from detoxifying face masks to teeth toothpastes and powders. However, why do people enjoy it so much? And how can this operate?

By means of this activation procedure the carbon grows pores that are considered to ‘capture’ compounds and toxins inside the body.” This procedure is what helps to leave your skin supple and moisturized and your own teeth clean and glistening also gives its detoxifying properties to charcoal.


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