Reinventing Your Look

Reinvent your look, be bold and be better

Reinventing yourself can be very simple, and you don’t really need a crazy idea to change the way you look everyday. You just need a doze from the power of fashion.

Why reinvent the way you look? For one reason, you want to be more confident and get out of the boring routine you have been used. Sometimes a few changes open the doors to new things, new experience, new hobbies, and new friends. But of course reinventing yourself doesn’t mean that you have to change your whole personality.

Reinventing oneself is just like getting garage door repairers to do some fancy fixes and a few changes to your garage’s over all look – which is of course the door. But it doesn’t really change the way the garage was built. Reinventing oneself is just that, changing the way you look but not changing the person in you.

Let’s take a look at a few simple tips on how to reinvent one’s look according to fashion experts.

How to Reinvent Your Look!

Wardrobe Upgrade

Many of us have a signature style. Like you only wear striped t-shirt and jeans, white t-shirt and jeans, hooded t-shirt and jeans, and short dresses. That’s not bad. That’s actually a good thing and fashionistas call that the signature style. But for those who feel like you’ve been wearing the same style over and over again, you can actually make some changes by doing upgrading your wardrobe or what you have in your closet.

How to upgrade your wardrobe? Next time you go out shopping, don’t go shopping alone. Go out with a friend who understands what you are going through and they can tell which ones you have to buy and not what to buy. This will force you to buy new things outside of your wardrobe that you can incorporate in your everyday look.

Change your hairstyle

We do have a preferred hairstyle. Long, short, wavy, straight, with bangs, etc. The point here is if you have been wearing the same hairstyle all your life, it’s time for a cool change. Go ahead, experiment with different looks. Don’t worry it will grow back if you cut it short. Or if you grow it long, you can always cut it short. Experimenting with hairstyles is cool and it brings out some kind of a pleasing aura that can really help boost that self confidence.

Another hairstyle tip that you can use is change where your hair parts, to the left, to the right, or right at the center. It doesn’t really matter where but you see changing the part of your hair once in a while makes a little change in the way you look.


Alright, this could be more applicable to girls. But you see some guys do wear some make up too. Not the elaborate make up that’s obvious but just a little make up to bring out some color in the face. Lipstick, foundation, powder, some eye shadows, and brows – a few touches here and there can make some difference. You will be surprise at how much better you will look like. If you are not really comfortable with make up, lip gloss and powder can sometimes do the trick.

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