In Fashion: Garment Care

In the fashion industry, we don’t talk only about innovating design, trends, and fashion. We also talk about proper handling and care for clothes. And in this article, we are going to teach you some tips on caring for your clothes through the use of steamers.

Clothes steamers are an amazing way of providing garment care avoiding the iron and avoiding the dry cleaners. From homes, to shops, and even catwalks, steamer for clothes have proven useful throughout the years.

Tips on How to Use a Clothes Steamer To Take Care of Garments

Tip Number 1: Position your body correctly

  • Pay attention to where the hose is, and make sure that it doesn’t get folded or double crosses unnecessarily.
  • Pay attention to your body, hold the steamer head with one hand and with your other hand hold the clothes taut.

Tip Number 2: Technique

Just like driving a car or making a sandwich, using a clothes steamer takes a certain amount of practice. Our natural inclination is to use a steamer just like we use an iron with a flat head pressed right up to the garment but this doesn’t work for a clothes steamer as there’s nowhere for the steam to come out. Instead of pressing the clothes steamer head right p against the fabric, lean it forward so that only the top curve touches the clothes with your other hand make sure the material is taut and stroke the clothes up and down with the clothes steamer head. That make sure all the creases pop out and you don’t get unnecessary water on your clothes.

Tip Number 3: Extend the Pole, Don’t Hurt your Back

It’s advisable to make your steamer as tall as possible so always fully extend the pole. Be mindful that there’s hot steam coming from the base of the steamer to the steamer head, so always make sure that the hose is as straight as possible.

Tip Number 4: Take your Time and go Slowly

If you’ve never used a clothes steamer before it does take a certain knack. Waving a steamer around like a magic wand might not get all the creases out and you might end up burning yourself. Start with something easier, something thinner and a bit more delicate and work your way up to something a bit more complicated.

Tip Number 5: Use the Accessories

If your clothes steamer came with accessories in the box – use them!

  • A hand mat can be excellent when thinking about things like collars of shirts or even using behind curtains, really good also if you’re a little bit worried about burning yourself the first few times you use it.
  • Fabric brushes can remove dust and lint.
  • The clasp attachment is excellent for putting creases in fronts of trousers, pleats and of course the arms of a shirt.
  • The hanger can be really handy too. Make sure that when you are hanging up shirts, hang them away from you and make sure that the button is on the outside of the pole, you’ll find it much easier when steaming. If you are in a shop environment, you might find that you can use your own hanger much faster, however using the hanger included in the clothes steamer will be much more sturdy.
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