Create Your Own Style: DIY Crop and Tank Tops

Fashion is with us every single day. No matter what style you take on, there is always something that fits you best. If you think nothing fits your style, then create the style you think fits you! You can go for funny t-shirts. But you know what works best? Create your own style! Print the design you want or recycle an old shirt to a new and trendy style.

Summer is just months away. Obviously you would be needing some cool shirts that you can bring with you to the beach or when you are somewhere extraordinarily hot. Crop tops and Tank Tops are perhaps a few garments that you want to make on your own and reinvent your fashion style. So don’t throw those old shirts away because they can just come in useful especially with new DIY crafts being introduced almost every day.  

DIY Crop and Tank Tops

Do you have an old t-shirt? Let’s transform your old shirt into a DIY crop top or DIY tank top.

  • Things you’ll be needing:
  • Old T-shirt (Two)
  • Scissors
  • Tape Measure

Crop Top

First, lay out the shirt as flat as possible for you to cut the shirt easily with the right measurement. Once your shirt is laid out in plot, measure a 6 inches from the bottom hem. Then cut it, since you just cut 6 inches from the bottom you have a lot of room to fix the shirt as short as you wanted to be and make it straight as possible. Then you’re done

Tank Top

Just like what you did for the crop top, lay out the shirt flat again and grab your tape measure. Measure a 4 inch down the armpit and cut it all the way up make sure to cut an inch away from seam of the armpit. Once your done cutting the other side, flip over your shirt and fold in half. Follow the first cut you did to have an even cut for both sides. If your shirt is too long you can just repeat the method on how to create a crop top but measure it on how long you want it to be.

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