Seoul Fashion Week: Hoverboards at Heich Es Heich, More Millennial Moments

The displays of Seoul fashion-week comprised a number of the appearances –most which talked Seoul market’s aim, to millennials.

Yoon Chun Ho’s lively YCH introduction was motivated with queens and comprised girl Di sashes published together with ordered lace jackets, a set of Yaaas, Queen emblem sweatshirts, along with also a huge tulle veil caged out of an embroidered crown cover. Has been the compact assortment of 45MM Kim Won Joong, that had been packed with all velveteen bombers along with the pink furs which he along with his own good close pals sport on Instagram.

Still another draw on luxury street-wear came at push-button, at which Park Seung Gun’s stand-outs were some set of button-up tops booted up back and falling down off 1 shoulder, and also a red fur gown having a mobile phone jumped towards the bodice by lace string.

Many artists switched into stunts: over and above Closet’s “bromance” series watched versions dressed up in navy suits lace using French bulldog puppies transporting empty candy bottles round a nightclub collection. Heich Es Heich generated certainly one of this week many sharable minutes if a version rode on the hoverboard to twist around the runway whilst shooting a selfie (although the group has been evenly memorable because of its tin-foil wind-breakers and vibrant crimson coatings).

Elsewhere, up-and-coming manufacturer name R.Shemiste confirmed grungy tasseled denim, together with flannel sleeves functioned into the midsection, and lace sukajan divide in two and connected to both knit attire, motivated by anarchist Emma Goldman–bits destined to become avenue style icons every year.

On Thursday evening, luxurious coaches ferried editors a twisting mountain into the Grand Hyatt to watch SJYP, certainly one of Seoul’s most directional brands ( On the tennis court docket of the hotel, Yoni Pai and also Steve Jung put a jungle gymnasium catwalk to demonstrate in their denim lineup.

A brand new couple of dual versions walked the runway sharing one set of denim overalls, subsequently wrapped on their own to some singular jean jacket. As stated by Jung and Pai, the newspaper tote –coats that are color-blocked along with also midsection jeans are doing a lively business at the Garosugil flagship of SJYP.


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