Inspired By The Need For Speed

“Racing is a great mania to which one must sacrifice everything, without reticence, without hesitation.” – Enzo Ferrari

They give spectators a rush of adrenaline and excitement and make them cheer at the precision of how these skilled drivers maneuver the best racing cars. Indeed, this is one of the things that car racing does for motorsport enthusiasts.

In the world of fashion, new fashion trends give people excitement as well, especially for fashionistas. But, with the bulky accessories and logos of sponsors plastered all over a racer’s suit, can fashion and motorsport connect to give even those uninterested in motorsport delight?

How They Connected

By the looks of it, fashion and motorsport don’t exactly blend? However, back in 2010, famous fashion brands placed money behind F1 teams. These brands include Hugo Boss, Hawkes and Hackett and Gieves. This connection between both the industries would, in some way, give an idea on why motorsport has influenced fashion and why catwalks today parade motorsport-inspired clothing.

Motorsport-inspired Fashion In Catwalks

Going back to 2018, Rihanna featured in her collection for Fenty Puma designs that were inspired by motocross. Not only that, motocross stuntmen also literally rode on their bikes, jumped over dunes of pink sand while influential people in the fashion industry witnessed the show from the front row. Tommy Hilfiger on the other hand love motosport which is why many of his designs are inspired by it.

“The bold and colorful fashion in India has always inspired me. These elements can also be found in my Spring 2018 collection, which celebrates my love of motorsports”

This is just one of the many motorsport-inspired fashion design created by major influencers in the fashion industry. This goes to show that motorsport has indeed connected with fashion.

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