Fashion Events That Meet Sustainability

Sustainability isn’t a trend that only lasts for a period of time, but is a necessary change in both consumer values and business practices. Strømleverandør or electricity suppliers, ecommerce, agriculture, and other trades and industries find efficient ways to support sustainability.

The industry of fashion has a big role to play in this shift to sustainability since every so often is identified as the second industry that pollutes the earth following and has been revealed to be accountable for carbon emissions of 5% globally. Fortunately, innovative technologies as well as supplies that can make a huge change are now appearing. Examples of this shift is substituting animal hides in favor of pineapple leather and producing on-demand and custom denim against mass production.

Electric Runway, the cradle of inspiration and knowledge on how technology that is promising is revolutionizing the fashion commerce, sees sustainability as a compulsory by-product of innovation. As fashion carries on to educate the industry of technology on how to fabricate something for the human body as well as to incorporate aesthetics, the industry of technology, on the other hand, can teach the fashion industry on how to revolutionize and shift outmoded practices and procedures into the digitized age. The outcome may possibly be manufacturing processes that are more sustainable, products that are more modified and tailored for the end users and consumers.

Interested in discovering more about matters of sustainability, economy, radical transparency, and progression? Have a look at these sustainable fashion events happening this year.


Happening on the 20th and 21st of March in Hong Kong, the two-day event will be gathering top brands and a selection of the best innovative mills and providers from across the world. The event welcomes attendees from 30 countries reaching 1,000, where 80 exhibitors will flaunt the most recent improvements in fabrics, fibers, embroideries, accessories and more. The event may look like an ordinary textile tradeshow, but they’re progressively placing more emphasis on sustainability with several discussions and workshops focused on concerns regarding circularity, recyclability, as well as lesser carbon footprint for the industry of fashion.

The Australian Circular Fashion Conference

Scheduled on the 21st and 22nd of March in Melbourne, the conference is completely devoted to a fashion industry in Australia that is more sustainable. The two-day conference has been lengthened as compared to the 1-day event last year to allocate more time for networking, workshops and connection to key experts. The event embraces everything from best procurement practices to end-of-life processing.

Fashion Revolution Week

Happening globally on April 22 to 28, the Fashion Revolution Weeks urges millions of people to ask marques #whomademyclothes and press for on greater transparency in the supply chain of the fashion industry. The organizers behind the Fashion Revolution Week, Fashion Takes Action, heartens citizens to print out posters, share on social media, and urges others to become curious, more interested and involved about the frequently unseen segment of manufacturing. The globe’s biggest fashion activism effort for a fashion industry that is fairer and safer began as a result of the collapse of the Rana Plaza factory in 2013 that injured many and killed 1,138 people.

Copenhagen Fashion Summit

Happening on May 15-16 in Copenhagen, the summit which is comprised of networking, talks, and exhibits gathers 1,300 major players from over 50 countries to stand for the fashion sector, NGOs, politics, academic world, and the media. The said summit has established itself as a major event in driving the discussions on sustainability.


Scheduled on the 29th and 30th of October in Los Angeles, the event assembles together the whole industry’s sharpest and boldest intellects to transform fashion for the better. Participants which include reputable and rising fashion brands, suppliers of raw materials, budding companies of technology, investors, and the media, will get a chance to listen to talks, go into exhibits, network, as well as to come across solutions that are innovative from various sectors.


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