Dress And Look Like A DJ (Even If You’re Not)

Djing is almost always about how you dress. Do you think DJ Harvey got his position today because of his unparalleled choice? No! This is because he looks like Jesus smoking.

If you genuinely desire to be a DJ, you will need to know how to dress. Fortunately we got you. This Let’s look at how to dress like a DJ so you  can keep a high profile settings when you want to impress for the night. But of course if you want to play like a DJ, you will have to learn the basics. But if you are a already a DJ but not distinguished, you will have to dress like one to feel like one. And if you don’t have the equipment to DJ yet, you can always check out this site – https://team9.net/dj/best-equipment/dj-controllers/. So let’s get started.

Check out Vice. They have featured various looks of how DJs dress like these days. While there are many looks to see, there are plenty of out of the standard dresses you will encounter. So far, I found my favorites from what has been laid out on the featured article. My choices are somewhat simple as I go for simplicity. You can check out the article yourself to find a DJ-look that will suit your taste. So far, this is what I found interesting.

  • The Tech House DJ look. Aztec prints on pastel colored t-shirts. Your regular jeans. So simple. Accessorize on wooden beads, colored sun glasses, and a leather belt and you are good to go. Are you making a statement? Well, I think you are a DJ ready to DJ for the summer heat festival.
  • The DJ Billionaire Style. Just how it sounds like, this is perhaps how most of the DJs who earns huge bucks of cash in a night would dress. Of course, it still looks simple but the price tags are not. Leather jackets costs… how much? Well you know it’s expensive. And what about the leather pants that go with it? The white shirt inside that leather jacket could be comparably expensive too. But the simplicity is there and that touch of elegance too.
  • The Psytrance DJ. Well… you dress like Bob Marley with that long Dreads. Printed shirt that could be bad ass. But not just a shirt, a colored shirt like eye catching yellow or orange colors on top of a pastel colored lose pants that passes like your regular pajamas except that its well ironed for the show.

So, have you checked out Vice article? You should if you want to see how most DJs look like when they go out playing your kind of music. Oh, and BTW… I thought DJs dress according to the kind of music they play. So if you see a Psytrance DJ, expect a psytrance music.

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