How To Make Money Selling Old Clothes

Your closet is over flowing with clothes you no longer use. Don’t trash them. It will just add waste to the already filled dumpsters and landfills. So what is the best way to dispose them and make room for new clothes? The best way is to sell them online. You can even put it up on trusted auction sites like Dealdash,

Watch video to get started. Important points are outlined below. 

How to Make Money Selling Your Old Clothes

  • The most used platforms to sell old clothes are Facebook, Instagram, and eBay.
  • To present your things online, you will need a camera or a phone. Most people who sell their clothes online use their phones as they are the most accessible.
  • You will need to have good lighting, good location, and a plain white background.
  • Have a backup picture of your clothes on so you can show some images of how the picture fits when worn.
  • Have a dedicated account for just selling your clothes. It is really not a good idea to mix your personal account and your business account (you are already in business after all).
  • To get lots of followers, you will need to have a nice name that’s related to selling clothes so that people will know what you are.
  • When you are on Instagram, it is nice to use a bunch of hashtags related to clothing. The more hashtags, the more chances that someone will see it.
  • Hashtags that work are #forsale #selling #fashion #style. There are more hashtags that you can actually use when you start selling your stuff. You can also add the brand name of the clothes you are selling.
  • Make your description as detailed as possible without really boring your viewers. Make it short and brief. Include the size, the color, and the brand.
  • Make your shipment details clear. So if you only ship to the United States, that’s good information to add. Include also shipping fee.
  • Add your method of payment up in your bio if you are using Instagram or Facebook. If you are using eBay, state this at your description area.
  • Use PayPal. Many users use PayPal because by experience it is the quickest and safest way to receive and pay money online.

So now that you are selling online, you can even consider doing your own fashion and design to sell in the future. Happy Selling!






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