Thanks to Fashion Models: Unwanted Pets find New Homes

Fashion for Furbabies is a venture that intends to market fostered and sheltered animals up for adoption at a way!

Fashion for Furbabies is the brainchild of a business professional makeup artist from Honey & Rose Makeup Artistry.

Working with the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) at Brisbane Australia had a unique idea to help market their work and discuss with the world the gorgeous creatures which have to find homes.

“I wished to help individuals who can’t help themselves, and that I thought why not ask my friends in the fashion industry such as models, hair stylists, and musicians to make a difference,” she explained. “I approached the RSPCA at Wacol west of Brisbane and they have been enthused at the idea and have been so encouraging. To observe these gorgeous creatures that desperately need someone to take them home is really sad.”

A photographer worked to create theories and they set the word from the Fashion Industry to provide assist. “We were overwhelmed with the response from people wanting to openly give their time to help. We’ve proposed a selection of shoots and ideas for the campaign and different versions are providing their time each concept” she told USPA24.

The first shoot was a high trend corporate feel and they are shooting Beautiful ball gowns, stylish animals (look for vet near me) and fun concepts. A loan signing agent from Mirror Mirror Hair Artistry given his time and skills to the project. He told USPA24 that as an animal enthusiast he couldn’t stand by and watch these gorgeous creatures not have the opportunity to find homes.

“It is so good to be working together giving back to this fantastic cause if we could raise the profile of the RSPCA and the need for houses for these gorgeous creatures then it is worth all of the work” The major use of the job is to find houses. The achievement has had a significant effect with lots of the creatures!


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